Cabin Fever // Dir. Jarred Krom


Blake Z. Larson is a director of photography originally from Marblehead, Massachusetts. Blake’s work has been shown at film festivals across the country and around the world and his work on music videos for artists such as Token and Hayley Reardon has been viewed millions of times worldwide. He's photographed films for a wide array of young up and coming directors, including frequent collaborators Lukas Metlicka, Jarred Krom, and Kailee Goodine. His most recent projects include the award winning films "Cabin Fever" for director Jarred Krom and "Here for Now" for director Kailee Goodine. His other recent work includes "Falling Short" for director Lukas Metlicka and "The Color in Grief" for director Antreise Lacey.

Blake holds a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies and Production from Hofstra University, where he worked as a teaching assistant for cinematography classes during his undergraduate career. He has studied under cinematographers George Nicholas and Ken Kelsch, ASC, and writer/director Russ Harbaugh.


On the set of "Here For Now" in March 2021

Unit Photography by Mike Solinas