Tough Love: There Are No Shortcuts in Advertising

So often these days, I'm inundated with ads on Facebook or Youtube showing how you can make a great

video for your brand with just a few clicks or how you can unlock the "secrets" of advertising by paying for the wisdom of a marketing guru. You know the ones I'm talking about. Usually with a gimmick to get you to wait past the first five seconds. Well, I've got the real secret... and it's not something everybody wants you to know.

There are no shortcuts in advertising.

Figuring out how best to advertise, market and brand your business is tough work. The unfortunate news is that it isn't cheap either. When cheap options do come along, it seems like a no brainer to go with them but the sad news is that low budget and low effort options don't get the results you'd like to see for your business. Cookie cutter templates for crafting advertising can't understand your market, customers, and goals. It takes effort and hard work to create marketing that will reach audiences and grow your business. Advertising, marketing, and data analytics can sometimes be costly, however, investing in the future of your business pays dividends in the long run.

Another mistake that I keep seeing advertisers make is trying to squeeze advertising into increasingly smaller spots in order to catch people's attention spans. Five seconds is not enough time to convey a brand message, and the advertisements that have been squeezed into that timeframe are doing nothing to help the brands spending large advertising dollars to run them. Similarly squeezing a gimmick into the first five seconds of an ad to get someone to avoid hitting the "skip" button is a hit or miss gamble. The consumer begins to associate your brand with the gimmick, and they think of you as a joke. Brands today have to fight in the largest arena ever imagined for modern advertising: the internet. Occasionally you can score a win by catching someone with a gimmick or with inexpensive cookie-cutter ads, but in the long run, storytelling is the clear winner for brands and businesses of all sizes. Customers want to know who you are, what you stand for, and what sets your business apart from the nearly infinite amount of options they are faced with.

Advertising is tough work, but with the right team around you, it can be the key to setting your business apart from the rest. If you want to learn more about story based advertising, click here to read my article on the subject, or click here to read the top five reasons why your local business needs video content.

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