42 Minutes for $1,200: Conclusion (Part IV)

With planning and dedication from your cast and crew, it is within the realm of possibility to produce a

micro-budget production that far surpasses the level of quality expected from a film with a shoestring budget. Planning and pre-production are the keys to a successful shoot and by utilizing the resources already available to you, you can judiciously allocate your budget to the items that you cannot source for free. Remember to be ambitious but not unrealistic, and to work within the means available to you; it is far more effective to creatively utilize what you do have access to then to stretch and have it become obvious that you are working outside of your means. The budgetary and logistical confines of a micro-budget film are tricky to navigate, but you gain a wealth of experience and immense creativity will blossom in the void left by a lack of budget. Surround yourself with great collaborators and use their expertise and energy to help navigate through the production process with optimism and a healthy ignorance of limits.

There is no excuse. Get out and make films!

It doesn't matter if you have $1 or $1,000,000, you have the capacity and the creativity to create great art that tells important stories or works to change people's minds about complex issues. Let go of the fear of failure or the fear of creating something less than perfect; embrace imperfection and take solace in the knowledge that if your film reaches even just one person - it is a success. Now is the time for the great artists and now is the time for the great communicators, but to achieve that you need to do what every artist has struggled to do for generations: start.

If you missed any part of the series you can check out the first post here and be sure to like/comment/share/etc. if you found any of this information helpful! If you're interested in the project that Andrew Dalton and I produced that inspired this blog series, click here to check out The Horsemen on Vimeo. The Horsemen was just accepted to screen at the 2017 ICE Film Festival in Dayton, Ohio

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