Stella - Cereus Bright [Cover by Craig VanRemoortel]

After our last video, musician Craig VanRemoortel and I decided to get together again to produce and film a cover of "Stella" by Knoxville, TN based folk/rock group Cereus Bright. Once again, Craig arranged the song and preformed the parts on a variety of different instruments and I produced, mixed and filmed the result. I did get to show off some of my skills on the fiddle for this video, so watch closely to see me in front of the lens - which is a rare occurrence! Check out the video below, and make sure to like/comment/share and subscribe if you enjoyed this project:

Make sure to keep an eye on the blog as I'll be writing a post soon on the importance of understanding music production as a filmmaker and additionally how to create amazing video content for musicians on a budget, so make sure to check back soon for those posts!

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